The Junior Dozen (Top Priorities for Junior Year)

The Junior Dozen (Top Priorities for Junior Year)Go To Top of Page

  1. College Fair - Monday, October 3rd from 6:30 - 8:30 PM at Union Mine High School
  2. PSAT At Oak Ridge High School - Wednesday, October 19th from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
  3. Academics Count  (admission decisions are based on courses taken in 10th and 11th grades)
  4. Extracurricular Activities Count (for the UCs and private colleges)
  5. Take SAT Reasoning, ACT and SAT Tests (Spring 2017)
  6. Take SAT and/or ACT study courses.
  7. Meet with your counselor to review your options
  8. Talk with your parents about future plans (especially financial arrangements)
  9. Research your options
  10. Visit, visit, visit. (colleges and training programs)
  11. Develop a Plan of Action
  12. Have a Back-up Plan
Post-secondary Education Options in California by Region

AP Credit by College Regional Occupation Program
Regional Occupation Program
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Summer Enrichment Opportunities

College Entrance Tests
    SAT/ACT Conversion Chart
    Which colleges need ACT with Writing?
    Register for SAT
    Register for ACT
    ORHS SAT Study Course (TBA)
Community Service (partial list)
ORHS Counselor Assignment

CA Colleges
College Board
     College Board Tests
     Plan for College
     Find a College
     Apply to College
     Pay for College
     My College Quick Start (PSAT test takers) 
     (Your code number is located at the bottom of your PSAT Score Report)
     College Board College QuickFinder (college details)
          At a Glance
          Cost and Financial Aid
          Academic Support
          SAT and ACT
Community College
Folsom Lake College


California State University
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Eligibility Index for CA Students

University of California 
Map of UCs with Majors
UC Campuses
UC Admissions

UC and CSU Majors            
CA Private Colleges

Career Technical Education (Research)

Health Workforce Initiative

Vocational Database (Career Colleges)

US Air Force Academy Summer Seminar for Juniors
Naval Academy Summer Program for Juniors
West Point Summer Program for Juniors
US Coast Guard Summer Program for Juniors