1. Academics still count (academic rigor is important)
  2. File with NCAA Clearinghouse for Div I or Div II college athletics
  3. Have a Plan of Action (ie. list of colleges to apply to or other future plans)
  4. Get Organized (for applying to colleges, financial aid, scholarships)
  5. Request out-of-state & private college applications, if applicable
  6. Take/retake SATs and ACT tests in the fall (December 2016 is the last "on time" test date for most colleges).  Check with your deadlines.
  7. Write your college essay/personal statement, if your colleges need them
  8. Apply to colleges (UC and CSU prefer online applications for Class of 2017) (UC & CSU Majors)
  9. Request your official SAT or ACT test scores to be sent to colleges
  10. Check with college housing office to see if you need to add name to a list or apply early (prior to acceptance)
  11. Check with college financial aid offices about special scholarships/programs (prior to acceptance)
  12. Start applying for scholarships (See Mrs. Rogers for assistance) CA-Local Scholarships Website
  13. Request a FSA ID
  14. Attend Annual Financial Aid Night in October
  15. File FAFSA (universal financial aid form) after October 1st, online or paper copy   FAFSA Helpline 800-433-3243
  16. Information for the Cal Grant will be electronically submitted automatically by the ORHS Registrar
  17. Private College Students
    Private College Students: the CSS Profile (Financial Aid Form) is required by some privates (Check with college EARLY)
  18. Students who will be attending a Community College should apply online starting Feb 1st for Summer/Fall 2017 terms and attend the Joint ORHS/PHS Community College Parent Information Night on Monday, February 6th @ ORHS from 6:30 - 8:00 PM (Multipurpose Room)


  1. Students who will be attending a CSU may need to take the EPT/ELM (English/Math Placement)     
    Standardized testing spring of junior year exemption
    SAT Scores - SAT Critical Reading of 500, SAT Writing of 660, SAT Math of 550
    ACT Scores - A score of 22 on the ACT English test, A score of 23 on the ACT Math test

    AP Test Scores
    A score of 3 or above in the English Language and Composition Exam, 
    A Score of 3 on the Composition and  Literature Exam, A score of 3 on the AP Calculus
    or AP Statistics Exam

    Successful completion of a community college course satisfying the requirement

    Successful score on the EPT/ELP Exam
  2. Students who will be attending a UC may need to take the Analytical Writing Placement Exam
           Contact UC Davis for more information (800) 839-8507
  3. Send your Statement of Intent to Register no later than May 1st (postmarked) to the 4-year college you will be attending
  4. Take AP exams, if applicable
  5. Attend the Scholarship Awards, Thursday, May 18th in the Performing Arts Theater. 
    Invitations will be mailed to students receiving scholarships in early May.
  6. Request a final transcript sent to your college (this is done at senior checkout