August Reopening

Structure of Distance Learning
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  • Bell Schedule

  • We will be holding class "live" online according to the above bell schedule. Student must be present on time to their classes. Students must attend the duration of the class period or until their teacher releases them.  Monday will be a day for students to work online without being "live."  Students will have work to do but will not be meeting with teachers on Mondays.

  • Student Expectations for Online Learning

  • Teachers will take attendance based on who is present online.  Students not online for their classes Tuesday through Friday will be marked absent. 

Google Classroom/Online Tools
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  • Unlike last semester, students will not have the option for a P or No Mark instead of a grade.  All students will receive the grade they earn this semester.

First Week of School
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  • We have created a document to assist students with the first week of school.  Please have students read this one page sheet.

  • Each student will be responsible for coming to their designated check out time to pick up their school books and materials during the first week.  If this happens to overlap with a class your student has, they will be excused from that class.  We will be enforcing a safe checkout process.

    • COVID 19 Requirement: Please know that everyone (staff and students) must wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart while on campus.  Please do not share anything with another person.

    • Student ID Card: To speed up the check out process, if you are an existing student please bring your ID card from last year.  We understand if you no longer have it.

    • You can only check books out for yourself

    • We suggest you bring a bag or backpack to carry all of your books  

  • Students need to log into each of their classes on Monday August 10th.  Each class will have an assignment for students to do.

How Do Students Get Access to Their Online Classes
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  • Families will need to log into Aeries to see their students schedule on Friday August 7th.  

    • You will receive a Parent Square on Friday from the Counseling Office reminding everyone how to do this.

  • Families will also receive a message from each of their students teachers on Friday via Parent Square.  This message will include directions on how to join their Google Classroom and how to access their first "live" class meeting on Tuesday or Wednesday.

How Do Students Set Up All Their Digital Accounts at School
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New Student Orientation/Welcome
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  • With over 600 new students we could not conceive of a safe way to have students on campus for Orientation.  After much thought, our Link Crew team has worked on a video that we highly recommend that all students view this orientation video.

New Parent Orientation/Welcome
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  • Some years we have as many as 500 parents attend our orientations. In order to provide a safe orientation for all, we had to moved it to a Zoom format.  In this format we provided parents with all of the information we normally provide.  But it also allowed us to take questions in the chat box that we responded to.  This was live (and recorded) on Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 6pm.  Below you will find the slideshow and the recorded Zoom meeting.