Work Permits/Jobs

Work Permits
Required for students under 18 years of age who are still required to attend high school
Please download here or pick up at the Career Center
       Request for a Work Permit
       Entertainment Work Permit (only for those students planning to work in the entertainment industry (ie. modeling or acting)
Step 1) Get a job (requests for a Work Permit require an employer signature)
Step 2) Turn in completed Request for a Work Permit to the Career Center (include parent & employer signature)
Step 3) Your work permit will be processed within 1 to 2 school days. Pick up your work permit at the Career Center (you will need to be present to sign)
Find a Job
Stop by the Career Center to see if Mrs. Rogers knows of any local businesses that are currently hiring.
SNAG A JOB (job search site)
To receive text messages about job opportunities,
TEXT: @wantjob
TO: 81010