Work Permits/Jobs


Work Permit

A work permit is required for students under 18 years of age who are still required to attend high school

Please download 1 of these forms here:

       Request for a Work Permit (for regular work permit requests)

       Entertainment Work Permit (only for those students planning to work in the entertainment      industry (ie. modeling or acting)

       Work Permit Form (for students who do NOT attend ORHS)

Step 1) Get a job (Why get the job first? Because Requests for a Work Permit require an employer signature)

Step 2) Turn in (email) your completed Request for a Work Permit to (include parent & employer signature)

Step 3) Allow 1 to 2 days for processing. Mrs. Rogers will email you a completed Work Permit. You will need to print it, sign your name at the bottom, and give it to your employer. 


Frequently Asked Questions regarding California Work Permits

FAQ while we are Distance Learning or Hybrid

1) Is school still considered "in session"? 


2) Is Monday considered a school day? Am I still limited in the hours I can work on a Monday?

Yes! Monday is considered a school day. Same rules apply.

14 -15 year olds can work a maximum of 3 hours

16-17 year olds can work a maximum of 4 hours

3) If I am officially enrolled in Independent Study Program, can I work more hours?

No. The same rules apply to every student. If you are in a work experience program, exceptions can be made by your school Counselor. 

Job Resources


ORHS Job Board

To receive text messages about job opportunities, login to Student Square (click 'log in with google') and join the group, 'Job Board' under the 'Participate' tab. For instructions on how to join groups in Student Square and make sure you are set up to receive text messages, click here.

Tip: Stop by the Career Center to see if Mrs. Rogers knows of any local businesses that are currently hiring. Please keep in mind that Mrs. Rogers does not often hear directly from employers who are hiring. If you know of someone who is hiring, please share it with her so she can share it with other students. 


Where are my peers working?

Click Here to see a list of employers who hired students from Oak Ridge High School during the 2019-2020 school year


Find a Job

Job Search Websites:






Simply Hired:

Snag A Job:

Jobs in Education:


California State Careers: