Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes on a daily basis. Absence from class is excused for illness, medical appointments, and funerals for members of the immediate family. Other absences that are valid, with prior approval, include unavoidable family travel, court appearance, and school activities. Absences that are not valid include cutting school, working, baby-sitting, personal business and unverified illness. Consequences for violations will be administered. Parents may not excuse students to leave the classroom except for a valid appointment.

Absence Verification

Reasons for student absences are to be verified by a phone call (916) 933-6980 X 3080 or X 3070, or a note brought to the attendance office within 48 hours. Parents, doctors, or school officials may verify absences. Students, who have attained the age of eighteen years, after an interview with the Assistant Principal, may verify their own absences. The school may request additional verification when deemed necessary. Absence verification should include the following information:
  • first and last name of the student
  • date(s) absent
  • reason for the absence
  • name and relationship of the person verifying the absence

Makeup Work

Two (2) school days will be allowed to make up each day's excused absence. Students absent for school-sponsored activities may be required by the teacher to make up the work before the absence. A student absent on the day of a test may be required to take the test on the day of his/her return. If the absence falls on the day an assignment is due, and the student had prior knowledge of the assignment, the student may be required to submit that assignment upon the day of his/her return. If sufficient make up time is not possible prior to the grading period, the teacher may issue and "I" (Incomplete) grade until such time as the work is completed. A maximum of four weeks after the grading period is allowed for such make up work. The student is responsible for arranging for make up work.

Tardy Policy:

  • 1st tardy: Student/teacher conference
  • 2nd tardy: Student/teacher conference with teacher-imposed consequence. Parent contact is encouraged. Parents can be phoned, parent notification cards sent, or other methods of communication used. If the parent notification card is selected, the office staff will assist you by addressing the cards for the teacher.
  • 3rd tardy: Referral to the AP office. An Assistant Principal will meet with the student and assign a date for a detention.
  • 4th tardy: Referral to the AP office.  An Assistant Principal will then meet with the student and assign a date for detentions.
When a student has repeated absences for unacceptable reason, the student will be considered a "habitual truant". This may result in a referral to the Student Attendance Review Board (SARB), or the filing of an application for petition with the El Dorado County Probation Department, or a complaint may be filed against the parent in the Justice Court. Habitual truancy constitutes grounds for an involuntary transfer to an alternative school.

Minimum Attendance

Good attendance is a prerequisite to satisfactory job performance. The same holds true for school. Class time missed cannot be fully replaced with make up assignments. Students who are absent, for any reason, more than 20 percent of the time should not expect to pass the class.

Home & Hospital Teaching

Students who will be unable to attend school due to an illness or accident for an extended period of time (usually in excess of two weeks) should contact the Counseling Department to arrange for a home/hospital teacher.

Early Dismissal/Late Arrival

If your student needs to be dismissed early, please send a note with your student using his/her NAME, GRADE, TIME, DATE and REASON for arrival/dismissal.

Checking In: upon arriving, your student needs to check in at the Attendance Office  for a pass to class.

Checking Out

When checking out, your student needs to come to the Attendance Office with his/her note, before school, during break, or at lunch to obtain a pass. Every student must check out with the Attendance Office before leaving school for any reason. Failing to check out properly will result in a referral with an assigned detention. After obtaining a pass, the student is considered to be "checked out" and can then leave campus at the time shown on the pass.

Emergency Checkout

For an emergency checkout, please call the Attendance Office (916) 933-6980 X3080 or x 3070. Please use this option ONLY IN AN EMERGENCY.