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    ACT and SAT Testing
    SAT Frequently Asked Questions

    SAT Frequently Asked Questions

    These answers pertain to the Spring 2024 tests that will be hosted at Oak Ridge High School. Information may vary at the other testing sites.
    1. Do I need to bring my own laptop or a Chromebook in order to take the SAT at Oak Ridge High School?
    Students taking the SAT test need to bring their own laptop or tablet. No personal Chromebooks are allowed. Please make sure all parental control screen time limits are diabled as this could result in the student being unable to complete their test.
    If a student does not have a device to bring to the SAT test, the student may request a device from College Board. This request must be made to College Board 30 days prior to the test date.  College Board will ship a device to the testing site for the student to use. 
    2. What is BlueBook?
    Bluebook is a testing application from College Board. Students use Bluebook to take the digital SAT. BlueBook is required for all students. In order for BlueBook to work properly, all applications that run in the background must be shut down. Please make sure to disable this feature, especially for those of you who have gaming laptops, before you arrive for the test.
    3. What time should I arrive?
    Plan on arriving at your testing location at 7:15am or prior.  The doors to each testing room will open at 7:30am.  Testing will begin promptly at 8:00am. After 8:00am no entry to testing will be allowed.
    4. Where should I go on campus? How do I know what room I am assigned?
    Students should arrive at the flagpole near the cafeteria.  There will be test personnel at a check-in table who will direct students to their assigned testing room.
    5. How long does the SAT take?
    The standard SAT digital test will start at 8:00am and be finished by 11:00am.  Accommodated SAT testing will take longer and usually be completed by 12:30pm.
    6. What do I need to bring to the SAT?
    Test takers should have an approved photo ID, their testing device, an approved calculator, extra batteries for their calculator, pens and/or pencils for writing on scratch paper (all scratch paper will be provided), snacks (if desired), and a drink (if desired).
    7. What kinds of ID are acceptable for entry into the SAT?
    • Valid driver’s license
    • State issued non-driver ID card
    • Official School issued ID from the school the student attends (must be a physical ID or printout, Minga and digital IDs are not acceptable)
    • Passport
    • Military ID card
    • Military Common Access Card (CACs)
    8. Can I bring my phone to the SAT?
    All phones, smart watches, and any other electronic devices (not the laptop or tablet being used to take the test) will be collected before the testing starts.  All phones will need to be COMPLETELY POWERED DOWN when they are collected. 
    College Entrance Tests

    College Entrance Tests

    ORHS SCHOOL CODE: 050818

    • It's suggested that students take the SAT and/or ACT Tests at the end of Junior year, if planning to apply to college(s) that require these scores.
    • Seniors may retake these tests in the fall of their senior year
    • Colleges will use the most "favorable" score (check with college to see if they will superscore)
    • Typically, students will need to send official SAT and/or ACT scores (from testing organization) to their colleges
    • Register early (at least 1 month prior to to the test date) 
    • Students may apply for accommodations for SAT, SAT Subject Tests, PSAT/NMSQT, and Advanced Placement exams BEFORE registering for an exam.  Approved accommodations will apply for all College Board exams.  For more information, please talk to your school Counselor. 
    • Students must apply for accommodations for ACT exams AFTER registering for an exam.  For more information, please talk to your school Counselor.
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    SAT vs. ACT Differences

    SAT vs. ACT Differences

    Click the button to view the differences between these two tests.
    SAT vs. ACT
    Study Materials

    Study Materials

    Click the buttons below for paid and free SAT and ACT test prep:
    School House
    Revolution Prep
    Khan Academy
    Study Point
    The College Planning Center
    Kaplan Test Prep
    The Princeton Review

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