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    Careers without College
    Jobs that do not require a college Degree

    Jobs that do not require a college Degree

    1. Solar Photovoltaic Installer
    2. Masonry Worker
    3. Licensed Practical Nurse
    4. Carpenter
    5. Surgical Technologist
    6. Real Estate Agent
    7. Sound Engineering Technician
    8. Firefighter
    9. Sheet Metal Worker
    10. Wind Turbine Technician
    11. Plumber
    12. Hearing Aid Specialist
    13. Electrician
    14. Occupational Therapy Assistant
    15.  Radiologic and MRI Technologist
    16. Wholesale and Manufacturing Sale Representatives
    17. Executive Assistant
    18. Police Officers and Detectives
    19. Aerospace Technician
    20. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers/Cardiovascular Technologists
    21. Dental Hygenist
    22. Web Developer
    23. Nuclea Technician
    24. Air Traffic Controller
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