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Work Permits/Jobs

How to Get a Work Permit for a New Job:

Step 1: Secure a job/get hired 

Step 2: Download and print the Request for a Work Permit Form:  CDE Form B1-1

Step 3: Fill in the form (remember, a parent signature and employer signature is required).

Step 4: Turn in your Request form to the College & Career Center at ORHS: open Monday -Friday, 8am-4pm, Allow 24 to 48 hours for processing

Step 5: Receive your completed Work Permit (signed by a school administrator), sign your name at the bottom, and bring it to your employer.


How to Renew your Work Permit for the Same Job:

Step 1: Come into the Center and provide your full legal name

Step 2: Come back in 2 days to pick up your work permit



To all Trojans needing a work permit over Winter Break,
Please see below for information regarding obtaining a work permit over winter break.
  • Kelly Parker in the district office (4675 Missouri Flat Rd, Placerville, CA 95667) will be in the office the first week of winter break (Dec. 27-30) and can process your work permit for you. Please note you will not be able to have a work permit processed the week of Jan. 2-6 so please plan accordingly.  
    • Office hours will be 7:30-4:00 with lunch from 12:00 to 1:00. 
    • Students can email Kelly ( or visit her in the office to obtain a work permit. 
I am attaching the work permit application to this parent square for your convenience as you will complete the student, parent, and employer portion before emailing or dropping off the work permit to Kelly Parker at the district office.

General Work Permit Process

When school is in session for the 2022 - 2023 school year

A Work Permit is required for employed students under 18 years of age who are still required to attend high school.


Step 1) Get a job. Work Permits are specific to your employer. Once you secure a job, then you can request a Work Permit from Oak Ridge High School.


Step 2) Bring your completed Request for a Work Permit to the College & Career Center. You must include a parent and employer signature.


Please download 1 of these request forms:       

Request for a Work Permit (for regular work permit requests)   


Entertainment Work Permit (only for those students planning to work in the entertainment industry (ie. modeling or acting)       


Work Permit Form (for students who do NOT attend ORHS)


Step 3) Allow up to 2 days for processing. Then, stop back by the College & Career Center to sign and pick up your Work Permit. Then, you'll simply give it to your employer. 


FAQ for ORHS Students

If I am 18, do I need a Work Permit?
If I am officially enrolled in Independent Study Program, can I work more hours?
No. The same rules apply to every student. If you are in a work experience program, exceptions can be made by your school Counselor. 

Job Resources


ORHS Job Board

Click Here to visit the EDUHSD Career Website


Where are my peers working?

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