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    Work Permits/Jobs

    How to Get a Work Permit

    How to Get a Work Permit for a New Job:

    Step 1: Secure a job/get hired. Work Permits are specific to your employer.
    Step 2: Download and print the Request for a Work Permit Form:  Work Permit - Oak Ridge High School
    Step 3: Fill in the form (remember, a parent signature and employer signature is required)
    Step 4: Turn in your Request form to the College and Career Center
    Step 5: Receive your completed Work Permit (signed by a school administrator), sign your name at the bottom, and bring it to your employer.

    How to Renew your Work Permit for the Same Job:

    A new Work Permit is required at the beginning of every school year. Follow the same steps above to get a renewed work permit.

    Other Work Permits:

    Entertainment Work Permit (only for those students planning to work in the entertainment industry (ie. modeling or acting)       
    If I am 18, do I need a Work Permit?
    If I am officially enrolled in an Independent Study Program, can I work more hours?
    No. The same rules apply to every student. If you are in a work experience program, exceptions can be made by your school Counselor. 

    Job Boards

    ORHS Job Board


    Where are my peers working?

    Click Here to see a list of employers who hired students from Oak Ridge High School during the 2019-2020 school year

    High School Specific Job Boards


    Other Job Boards

    Jobs in Education:
    California State Careers:  
    Create a Resume
    Create a Cover Letter
    Sample Interview Questions
    Prepare for the Interview
    Dress to Impress

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