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Special Education



Learning Center

Learning Center is a time for students to work on their executive functioning skills. These skills include time management, organization, and advocacy. Learning Center is designed to provide students additional time to prepare for upcoming assignments, tests, and quizzes. However, it should not be a time students use to complete homework. Homework should be completed in advance of Learning Center so that the time in Learning Center can be used to prepare for upcoming work by creating a time management plan and organizing materials. In addition, Learning Center time may also be used to work on IEP goals.



A. Allison 22-23

April Allison

Courses Taught: Learning Center, Practical English
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S. Henderson 22-23

Shoshana Henderson

Courses Taught: Learning Center, Transitional Algebra
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J. Lucchesi 22-23

Jamee Lucchesi

Courses Taught: Learning Center & Life Skills Math
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D. Root

Denise Root

Courses Taught: History, Learning Center
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Steven Steichen

Courses Taught: Learning Center, Independent Living Skills
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C. Stigerts

Christe Stigerts

Courses Taught: Careers English, Learning Center
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T. Thompson 22-23

Tessa Thompson

Courses Taught: Independent Living Skills, Learning Center
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C. Tuller 22-23

Cassie Tuller

Courses Taught: History, Learning Center, Life Skills Math
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