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Model Trojans

Model Trojans exemplify the Oak Ridge Motto and Values.  We want all students to learn and demonstrate The Oak Ridge Way.  We believe that character matters, and we reward our students for demonstrating The Oak Ridge Way and being Model Trojans.  

The Oak Ridge Way



Be Real
  • Be authentic, be honest with yourself, be reflective
Dare to Question
  • Intellectually curious, think outside the box, inquisitive
Care for Others
  • Lift up those around them, don't stand for bullying
Find Balance
  • Understand their limitations and focus on leading a healthy and balanced life


  • Growth Mindset
  • Balanced Lives
  • Compassion/Empathy
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Integrity/Authenticity
  • Creativity
  • Respect
  • Inquiry
norms: how we work together

norms: how we work together

Being Together

  • We display warmth, humor, compassion, and collegiality toward others.
  • We are quick to give credit and slow to assign blame.
  • We put people above results
  • We strictly protect confidential information.
  • We address problems and concerns directly with the people involved.

Working Together

  • Our meetings start and end on time, have a stated purpose and productive outcomes.
  • We listen. We sometimes disagree. We are open to compromise.
  • We speak our minds but support team decisions once they are made.
  • We strive to improve, recognizing that success and failure help us grow.
  • We follow through on our commitments.
  • We commit to clear and timely.